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Destroyed last year treat formic kill 20 thousand smooth rice expert: Termite pr
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Glue east online news reporter prevented and cure from center of prevention and cure of pest of Yantai city town, termite yesterday the institute understands, received what the citizen concerns termite to seek advice in all this last year amount to more than times 300, destroy treat serious formic kill 20 thousand much square metre, precaution is formic kill 30 much square metre. Does small termite have how old harm? How will prevent and cure? For this, the reporter interviewed the expert of concerned termite prevention and cure of institute of termite prevention and cure.

Termite can be become eventually kill greatly

A few days ago, the reporter is in dragon mouth city all discovery when be being interviewed by view town, many 500 dweller suffers the village austral this town, north village almost of termite wantonly corrode of eat by moth. South village villager the old building of Mr Zhang home because by termite corrode of serious eat by moth is close to collapse almost, liang Dou of room of a root is become by corrode of termite eat by moth hollow, lost carrying capacity already. Suffer south the influence of village termite, boreal village also is sufferred serious formic kill. The door window of a lot of villager homes already by termite corrode of serious eat by moth becomes " flimsy " , with the hand one disclose is defeated. Ke Chen's director tells institute of termite prevention and cure the reporter, what our city place discovers is yellow bosom comes loose termite, its characteristic distributings namely wide, diffuse to be administered quickly, hard, though discovery destroys surely,treat, but still cannot eradicate.

Concern appraisal of orgnaization of termite prevention and cure according to the country, the our city is belonged to medicinal powder termite compromises a zone. Basically get " yellow bosom comes loose termite " erode, yellow bosom comes loose termite does not have fixed ant nest, inside a group individual count 100 only normally, like the environment of dark moisture, great to building harm, wait in bar of put down of floor of building middling harm, skirting board, rock-bottom doorcase base ministry 2 meters of the following wood component. Be in commonly annual in October emergence, second year 2-4 flies month minutes, our city termite divides flying time about from March the last ten-day of a month begins, this planting is the termite with Hua Dong common area.

The building should be done prevent formic processing

Occupy introduction of strong point stalking or branch, now mostly townsman objects to termite prevention and cure, think termite corrode of eat by moth is ligneous material, present building is ferroconcrete perfusion, so very safe. This kind of understanding is wrong and it is dangerous to have, director stalking or branch says, although termite is main corrode of eat by moth contains ligneous fibrous article, but to seek food, they can secrete a kind of formic acid to corrode the obstacle before, also include reinforcing steel bar, concrete among them. If building man-hour to did not do good termite prevention and cure to work, termite enters a family very likely through corroding building body, and the autumn of every termite den wants two to 3 years, beginning cannot discover, after wait for den to mature and beginning to diffuse, the harm that causes will not be estimated.
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