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The family disinfects clever way
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To prevent flu, besides want the individual sanitation with good nurturance habit, strengthen nutrition, outside enhancing immune power, daily articles for daily use and indoor airy disinfection are very important also.

Sunlight disinfects solar ultraviolet radiation, illuminate 3-6 hour can achieve alexipharmic requirement; Sick person is like in the home, can wait for bedding, dress, appliance take the insolate below sunshine.

Air disinfects indoor air to want to keep fresh, often must open a window ventilated, open window 30-60 every time minute, make airiness, bacteria eduction outdoor.

Boil disinfects boil to be able to make the protein of bacterial body caky and metamorphic. Consideration begins after alexipharmic time should boil from water, through 15-20 minute boil, can exterminate general bacteria.

A variety of part such as acetic acid are contained in feeding acetic disinfection to feed vinegar, have certain antiseptic capacity. Often do indoor air disinfection, every room uses gram of the 100-150 that feed vinegar, add water double, with slow fire slow evaporate. Door window should be closed when fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs. This kind of method has favorable effect to preventing respiratory tract infection.

The protein that alcohol disinfection alcohol can make bacterial body medium is out of shape and caky, because this can be antiseptic,disinfect.

Bleaching powder of bleaching powder disinfection can make inside bacterial body enzymatic lose active, the metabolization of cloggy bacterium, make the bacterium dies.