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Diaphragm of plant of health clean liquid
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Kang Jie is not pesticide, also not be chemical fertilizer, it is agent of a kind of when make by natural material extraction lacteal film, after add water sprays very can fast the layer of successive and meshy film that forms naked eye to lose sight of in floral fruit face, face of blade, limb, rise plant protection. Remove similar gains to cover bag of action that defends the ill, insect-resistant, pollution that lie between block already, overcome for many times again spray the addition that pesticide place causes invests, take a lot of work remain of take time, pesticide is tall, reduce a lot of blemish such as character, achieve economic pesticide chemical fertilizer, raise the grade, goal that raises crop, production not to have fruit of social effects of pollution.

Functional characteristic:

Covering layer of ⑴ Kang Jie, can lie between block to reduce exterior disease bug to invade catch, multiply, ill to already happening bug rises to stick a curb to kill, prevent its to expand spread action. Reduce pesticide spray frequency, save pesticide.

The covering layer that ⑵ forms in face of blade, can raise photosynthesis to increase nutrient already, the nutrition in can restraining a plant to breathe a process again is invalid use up, nutrition accumulates a quantity gains is big, big, increase production 15%-40% .

⑶ is pervious to light breathe freely have flexibility, can promote fructification expand to add candy chromatic, fruit face is bright and clean, can in advance appears on the market 7-10 day.

⑷ restrains moisture of face of blade to evaporate with rising, enhance sex of fight a drought, cold-resistant, precaution, reduce those who crack fruit, sodden fruit, premature drop and phenomenon of thick Pi Guo to happen.

⑸ of all kinds fructification is collecting the dip after before closing, spray or be being collected to dip in, can lengthen after collecting, last deadline of keep in storage.

One gush of ⑹ becomes diaphragm namely, spray interval period is long, have similar a bag and some respects excel covers the action of bag, save manpower, financial capacity considerably, when the province that save project.

Applicable crop:

Fruit of orange, grape, apple, litchi, arhat, loquat, yangtao, mango, pomegranate, orange, shaddock, pear, jujube, peach, apricot, plum, the fruiter such as longan, banana.
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