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Strong preparation of poisonous rat of banger mix into destroys rat mice does no
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Report from our correspondent 11 days of evening, developing zone Tong Tong of two years old (alias) , because of by accident the banger that edible mice medicine has immersed, bring about toxic unconscious, policeman of police station of triumphal frontier defence sends the child urgently to hospital cure, child take a turn to be out of danger.

That evening 6 when make, home Tong Tong often is troubled by rat to suffer from because of the near future, his father goes up to the market redemptive a bottle " poisonous rat is strong " , mix on banger prepares to destroy rat. Rat medicine is put below the corner, mice does not have discovery, turn over the Tong Tong of amuse oneself of home be been in to be fed by accident accidentally. The policeman is driven quickly toward Home Tong Tong in, insensible already Tong Tong is being held in the arms to be in the bosom by the mother, his father is gotten urgently sweating. The policeman adopts the child hastily get on a car, pull loud police whistle to sail toward the hospital. Via urgent rescue, tong Tong out of danger. See son escape from a danger, parents is fond of Tong Tong extremely and sob, say again and again " or else dare such " .

The doctor expresses, tong Tong is liquid state " poisonous rat is strong " toxic, fortunately his father did not understand configuration scale to add some of water more, cause virulence abate, add rescue seasonable, the child collects an one lot. (Xu Lei pine torches)