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Ark of disinfection of a lot of families is only " cupboard "
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A few days ago, reader square young lady mirrors to the reporter: In the home ark of a disinfection was bought two years ago, after using half an year, wait for a reason considering bowl of bad news report, more very hot hand that takes, square young lady broke phone to alexipharmic ark thoroughly, come so, cost more than 1000 yuan of high-grade small home appliance that buy to act the part that had common cupboard. Before before long, discovery of square young lady is put in this high-grade " cupboard " the bamboo chopstick in became moldy unexpectedly. The reporter consults expert of kitchen utensils and appliances to understand, the customer that has lot of similar square young lady is absent unexpectedly a few, prime cause depends on: Because be bought at the outset when holding in the arms generally " adornment " psychology, the alexipharmic ark of a lot of families was not used completely.

Personage of major of ministry of kitchen utensils and appliances of 5 stars electric equipment tells a reporter, after the SARS from 2003, alexipharmic ark at a draught fashionable rises, make one of healthy home appliance with necessary family of a lot of Nanjing. Integral kitchen drove alexipharmic ark to walk into domestic pace again, the kitchen that the alexipharmic ark nowadays often serves as and takes unifinication of lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas " three-piece suit " walk into a lot of families. Regretful is, a lot of families would rather iron a bowl with boiled water, still use the convention that the machine disinfects without nurturance, many alexipharmic ark were not used completely, more resembling is a kind of adornment in the kitchen. According to introducing, the biggest advantage that disinfects ark actually still depends on stoving and disinfection. The family uses the reasonable means that disinfects ark is: Be in stoving condition at ordinary times, the bowl that takes also won't warm a hand; Before using 9 hours, readjust arrives alexipharmic condition. The chopstick of square young lady can be disinfected in what cut off the power become moldy inside ark, because drenched chopstick is in,professional personage analysis is airtight anoxic a mould is born in the space. This personage emphasizes, if bowl chopsticks presented alexipharmic cabinet, had better be in electrify condition, otherwise this high-grade " cupboard " still can bring needless trouble to you.

The alexipharmic ark that sells on the market at present has many brands, price also is in 1000 to 339 differ. Professional personage introduces, the difference between different brand depends on making technology, will affect function of the disinfection of the product, drying; As to apparent difference, be about to considered to be coordinated with the vision of integral ambry.
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