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Alexipharmic bowl collects fees this should stop to cause heat to talk in Wuhan
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In extensive network Wuhan on January 8 message (Wu Lixuan of reporter Zhang Maoqing's reporter) whether should be opposite about the dining room on forum of abb of classics of officer of university of Wuhan grain industry the disinfection of two horn expends alexipharmic bowl collection after one post is hit. Caused limits to discuss quite widely greatly.

The opposition in big in sound, also there is no lack of fragmentary station is in the card of dining room one party: "School rear service remains to perfect, still do not have independent alexipharmic facility for instance, bowl chopsticks must take the alexipharmic company to the outside to disinfect, receiving fund so also is indispensible. " but be oppugned instantly however the annihilation in sound. For instance " green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse " put forward: "Disinfection has cost, but have 2 wool to be worth deliberate. " netizen " it is laic only " say: "The dining room asks that he must use alexipharmic bowl without rigid, can choose oneself completely to bring a bowl, showed No Pays No Gains adequately. " " the wing of muddled " also think the school so become a possibility out supervises and urge everybody the purpose of tableware of provide for oneself.

Still the netizen stands on the angle of environmental protection to challenge: "The amplification of environmental protection consciousness should serve as arms of the person at the head of a procession with conduct propaganda. The buzzing with activity that discusses on the net, edge of be a good fit lacks conduct propaganda to reject to use the activity of one-time bowl chopsticks however. Attention and the person that support environmental protection move toward campus from the network only, ability lets everybody have more knowledge.

Will integratedly look, the card that pays close attention to healthy level is most. "Tigon327 " say: "If choose not to hand in money of this two wool to ask school disinfection, once go to the bad still must send money to the complexion that the hospital goes to seeing a doctor. " but the name raises doubt for the netizen of Shihai: "Collecting fees is bagatelle, important alexipharmic bowl is defended after all not wholesome. For instance the aunt of to clear the table sometimes deadbeat people the meal on has used paper towel and desk is gone to sweep in alexipharmic bowl. " " yoghurt " also suggest everybody takes a messtin to be in the bag, did not take messtin not to go the dining room eats.