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Major kills insect monopolistic sound has business chance in new idea
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In new Zhejiang net can you imagine report on January 9, want to spend on hundreds of yuan only, did the cockroach that is fed up with in the home, mosquito, mice have " Ke Xing " ? Spend on a few yuan of money, shed what underwater acoustic, bird chirps to bleat with respect to what can sit in the home to hear brook Chan Chan the cry out voice that sound, country raises itinerant peddler... Li Hua and Qin Jie, be good at seeking new idea from inside trifling matters of everyday life, intercurrent disinter among them accumulate contained business chance. Leave " the company that kill insect " Li Hua, had established 6 branches in and other places of city of Nanjing, Ning Bo, lake. Qin Jie criterion everywhere transcribe all sorts of sound, the Cheng Yin that make resembles teaching material and mobile phone ring, return draw inferences about other cases from one instance, these " the sound of sounds of nature " apply ably in each domains such as medical treatment, movie and TV, toy, lean " sell sound " accumulated the first pail of gold.

  Kill big business of small bug make it

"You look, who do I put on this to cover actor's costumes to resemble? " the side accuses bug to interlink Li Hua of limited company boss to laughing to ask. Careful one look, he is worn gas defence coverall, wearing gas defence face guard, carrying chemical drug bottle on the back, the hand takes spray, take off a film alive " biochemical crisis " in the STARS(special strategy that prevents virus to diffuse saves group abbreviation) member.

Although had become several years of bosses, li Hua or often go up personally kill insect " front " . Come to Hangzhou from northeast from 18 years old, li Hua a lot of has worked, night fair places vendor's stand, hotel security personnel, door child, cleaner, accomplish manager of guest room department step by step. Work in the hotel, the guest often complains guest room there perhaps is the small worm such as cockroach in dining-room, the hotel should pay damage of high specified number every year for this, expend a large number of energy even " put down bug " . "I think industry fractionize is a trend for certain, hangzhou still does not have the professional corporation that kill insect in those days, what I aim at is the saliva that drink a head, blank spot of market of race to control. " Li Hua decides to resign he does poineering work.

The major that holds water the earliest as Hangzhou fights one of bug companies, li Hua runs on one hand the school, the professor that asks major of plant protection of courtyard of big agronomy of short for Zhejiang Province gives him " charge " , make up for the inadequacy of professional knowledge, search what domestic and international major fights bug company to run experience desperately on the other hand. "Abroad kills worm industry to call PCO, special develop, have experience of the technology of major of one a complete set of and service, a few big companies are annual turnover can achieve ten U.S. dollors. Beijing, Shanghai also began to have PCO industry in those days. Beijing, Shanghai also began to have PCO industry in those days..
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