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"Alexipharmic bowl " enter halfback hard each cafeteria
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Recently, the reporter receives reader hotline to say for many times, many cafeteria in halfback the city zone " alexipharmic bowl " show a body hard. Actual condition is, although consumer is happy to accept, but restaurant owner is not willing to accept however. They run cost with increasing for will " alexipharmic bowl " close the door on. Although some cafeteria were used " alexipharmic bowl " but also be to repeat use, or it is for deck appearance or it is to deal with an examination. Mixed 5 days on January 4, the reporter undertook investigating interviewing.

"We had been used in the past ' alexipharmic bowl ' , every bowls of face received 2 horn fund more than in the past, many clients earn expensive, so we were not used. " the boss of the inn of manual roll face with a very good business says market of Zhongshan of halfback the city zone so. Be in wine shop of a small room of violet this world of halfback the city zone, the reporter sees there is 1 to write on 1 piece of table have " alexipharmic bowl " empty bowl, but the model that go up seals the bowl to already was done not have, there is water floodwater on low-lying land inside the bowl. The reporter asks whether merchant is repeat use, merchant says, of not little now restaurant " alexipharmic bowl " it is to be in repeat use, the purpose is to deal with an examination.

Be located in drum-tower of halfback the city zone on the west the manual wormwood noodle shop of the restaurant of rays of morning or evening sunshine of the street, be filled with the door with respect to deadbeat early in the morning everyday. The reporter understands, this inn all the time refus is used " alexipharmic bowl " . The clerk of this inn says, the bowl chopsticks here uses alexipharmic water full everyday, can be at ease use. Ms. Wang is the old client of this restaurant. She says, because of the bowl chopsticks problem of the restaurant, she ever said for many times to merchant, but inn square all the time ignore. "If bowl chopsticks can assure be course disinfection, it is floriferous money of a few wool, consumer also can be accepted " , wang Mou expresses.

The reporter interviewed halfback city sanitation to supervise the one controller of place. He says, in the examination they discover, most dining-room did not use alexipharmic dinner service, it is use " alexipharmic bowl " cafeteria, also be to deal with the examination above more. This chief says, if the client encounters the dining room that did not use alexipharmic dinner service when consumption, can undertake complaining.

Center of disinfection of tableware of halfback Heng Kang is the tableware disinfection company that halfback the city zone has aptitude of only at present. Old manager introduces this company, this company holds water 3 years to come, accept to let each dining-room of halfback the city zone and snack bar " alexipharmic bowl " , also provide advantageous safeguard to give a citizen repast, the company just began is to be offerred freely " disinfect a bowl " , a lot of dining-room are very willing, since after beginning every bowl to receive 2 horn fund, many dining-room are chill to this expression.
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