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Feeder disinfects fluid
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In new Shanghai net on December 27 report recently, mr Yao bought a bottle of 1000 milliliter to produce Italy formerly wisdom tall disappear venom, after can using period of time, discover the difference of Chinese and English specification on body is vast inadvertently, in English specification " rinse with clear water " became in Chinese specification " after disinfection need not reoccupy clear water is rinsed, need only air of feeder, nipple. " face same kind of product, two kinds of disparate interpreters, consumer did not have direction.

Consumer: Photograph of meaning of Chinese and English specification is carried on the back

Before 2 months, mr Yao flower bought a bottle of 1000 milliliter 49 yuan wisdom tall disappear venom, use alexipharmic feeder and nipple, before disinfection, he looked to be stuck in the Chinese service instruction on bottle designedly, after immersing nipple, by its air. However, when examining English to explain recently, writing clearly above Mr Yao discovery: After immersing, need to be rinsed with clear water. Immerse time also explains by Chinese 15 increase to 20 minutes. This lets Mr Yao feel felt puzzled, the service instruction difference that is stuck in on body 2 different written languages is so big, should use after all which?

Exist in the service instruction that discovers 2 kinds of different languages after apparent difference, mr Yao is afraid all the time: Immerse time will affect alexipharmic result not quite; But if disinfect fluid itself to need to clean, not OK and direct edible, the remain of these disappear venom arrived directly in infantile mouth. For this, the day before yesterday Mr Yao undertakes communication with respect to the agent that is in China with this product all the time, the composition that hopes the other side can offer a product explains, but did not get answer all the time.

See on the disappear venom shell that the reporter offers in Mr Yao imprint the specification that has foreign language, stuck specification of a piece of Chinese again in the upper part of bottle, producing area is being made clear on is Italy, date of production was April 2006.

Yesterday, the reporter asks university English designedly the professor is Chinese and English to 2 different service instruction undertook checking, this expert expresses to be in the English specification of this product to disinfecting fluid match exacter than having number to convey, did not see this in this Chinese specification. Explain according to English, the thing must immerse at least 30 minutes in disappear venom, and Chinese explains to will shorten between meantime. Make clear in English specification point out the article after immersing, when use, must wash his hands first, undertake rinsing with drinking water subsequently, but Chinese is contrary meaning.
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