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Percent of pass of tableware disinfection ark is most probably attention of choo
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Recently, city industrial and commercial bureau to this city the ark of disinfection of 49 kinds of tableware of 8 areas distribute undertook quality is monitored, percent of pass is 83.7% . Via monitoring discovery, "Problem " unqualified project basically centers tableware disinfection ark in 4 respects.

It is ground connection unqualified, the ground wire that has two kinds of merchandise cannot receive earthing terminal reliably repeatedly, once electric equipment insulation damages, easy happening accident getting an electric shock. 2 it is structural project unqualified, 4 kinds of commodity did not install apply the brake to lock up switch, its action is to should finish alexipharmic back door to just be opened, otherwise, once Gao Nong spends ozone leak, the person that use the influence is healthy. 3 it is power input unqualified, power input of two kinds of commodity is worth under national level, this meeting reduces tableware disinfection and stoving effect. 4 it is mark and demonstrative project unqualified, manual of 5 kinds of commodity lacks necessary admonitory signal and note, this meeting brings about consumer to because of cannot be being used correctly tableware disinfects ark and cause person to harm.

   Consumption reminds

Consumer should be accomplished when tableware of choose and buy disinfects ark " see 2 produce the expected result 3 try " . Look, should watch the report of certificate of proof that whether legal inspection agency is issued namely; 2 check, should examine the exterior and structure namely good, in examining a piece of small thin hard scrip to whether insert alexipharmic ark a crack between a door and its frame easily; 3 try, after electrify is started, try to open the door namely, alexipharmic ark should quit the job instantly, and shut should resume the work instantly.