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Beijing disease accuses a center to remind careful feed the tile preventing Nuo
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Produce Nuo to cover with tiles gram virus collective affects incident hind in succession in and other places of Japan, Singapore, Italy, recently, area of our country Guangdong also covers with tiles because of Nuo gram virus is affected and bring about each large hospital outpatient service to measure increase sharply. Yesterday, beijing disease accuses a center to remind the public to raise health to protect consciousness again, careful eat seafood and food of raw or cold food, avoid not clean contact, beware gastroenteritis of sex of virus of infection Nuo made of baked clay gram.

Suffer today the effect that tile of Nuo of wintry whole world overcomes virus popularity element, beijing area monitors a result to show: Current, beijing area with annulus the infection sex diarrhoea that virus gives priority to shape virus, Nuowake comes on the level will still be met relatively the corresponding period rose somewhat last year.

   Polluting food is infection advocate because of

Beijing disease accuses central contagion endemic institute director Wu Jiang says, the food that edible is polluted is the mainest way that Nuo covers with tiles gram virus is affected, can have favorable alexipharmic effect commonly through be being handled to polluting alimental high temperature.

Besides the sex that feed a cause and fountainhead sex transmission, feculent contact also is Nuowake the transmission approach with common virus. The data shows, the scale that pollute food as a result of edible and brings about Nuo to cover with tiles gram virus is affected is occupied about 37% the left and right sides, occupy to contact transmission next 20% , shellfish and fountainhead pollution are occupied respectively 10% with 6% . The transmission place that comes true easily is senile apartment and hospital, cafeteria, school and go vacationing the village.
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