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The city zone is unified recently cast medicine to destroy rat
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City of report from our correspondent loves to defend can issue an announcement a few days ago, destroyed rat activity undertakes deploy centrally Autumn 2006: The unified time that deliver drug is whole this year town to came 22 days on December 20; The limits that deliver drug is build all units inside area limits, residential area and outer shroud area, cast medical unit to include processing factory of factory of factory of processing factory of store of residential area, construction site, free market of agricultural products, restaurant, guesthouse, delicatessen, deputy food, food, brew, butcher, grain depot, commissariat, grain shop, hospital, park, pleasance, greenbelt, greenbelt, railway station, long-distance station mainly.

" announcement " requirement each district wants cogent strengthen a leadership, serious organization is carried out, ensure destroy rat activity is begun effectively. Each district should use a variety of forms, the importance that extensive conduct propaganda destroys rat works and the fight cruor sex rat poison chronically good point that use country allows endanger a gender with what use virulent rat drug, popularize the scientific method that deliver drug; Arouse masses does well condition of indoor outer shroud is wholesome, clear thoroughly wholesome blind angle, appropriate is custodial good food, break off rat grain, perfect the establishment that prevent rat; Educational masses enhances ego to protect consciousness, nurse nice old person, child and rasorial cattle, do not use a country to ban used virulent rat drug, ensure the safety that use drug.