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Raise a sheep to want to weigh 4 disinfection
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The disinfection such as Yang She is annual age each. Yang She's commonly used disappear bane content and alexipharmic method are as follows: ① adds water to match milk of lime of % of 10 % ~20 with calx, apply to pleura of alexipharmic foot-and-mouth disease, infectivity the circle that the cause of disease such as diarrhoea of pneumonic, kid pollutes is abandoned, the ground, appliance and fecal etc. Solution of Er of lysol of % of 3 % ~5 can offer ② Yang She, appliance and fecal disinfection; Solution of Er of lysol of % of 2 % ~3 is used at operation appliance to reach wash one's hands disinfection. Acerbity solution of 0.5% second crossing oxygen uses ③ at spraying the ground, wall and crib; The solution of hydrogenous oxidation natrium of ④ 1%~2% is used at the circle that is polluted by bacterium, virus to abandon, the ground and appliance disinfection; Solution of ⑤ 0.5%~2% chloric amine is used at be being abandoned to disinfect by contaminative appliance and circle.
Two paces take part of one's job of Yang She disinfection. Sweep first, spray with disappear venom after the ground, wall and ceiling; Delivery room should be before lambing, medium, later period undertakes for many times alexipharmic; Mouth of ill sheep rounding off is due alexipharmic pool or dip have alexipharmic liquid (solution of natrium of 2%~4% hydrogen oxidation) gunny-bag piece or straw mattress.
The hydrogenous oxidation natrium that entrance guard disinfection often places dip to have 2%~4% in passageway place or the gunny-bag that the Ke Liaolin of 10% disinfects fluid piece or straw mattress.
Ground disinfection basically shows playground ground is disinfected. Annual age is disinfected 1 times each. Usable contain 2.5% effective 4% formalin or solution of chloric bleaching powder solution, natrium of 1% hydrogen oxidation spray disinfection.
Disinfection of sewage of excrement and urine basically uses biology to heat up alexipharmic law. Abandon from the sheep namely 100 rise accumulation of excrement and urine beyond rice, 10 centimeters of thick sandy soil are enclothed above, ferment after a month can. Sewage should introduce sewage disposal pool, join bleaching powder (or calx) undertake alexipharmic. Disinfect medicine to dosage inspects sewage to measure and be decided, general every litres of sewage uses 2 grams ~5 to overcome bleaching powder.