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Winter wears guaze mask to have knowledge number of plies of common guaze mask c
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Our newspaper on December 21 dispatch (reporter heart strong reporter always blessing) cold winter comes, many city witenagemot choose to wear guaze mask drive cold. Recently, blessing hill disappear assist give out consumptive caution, the choose and buy that a lot of person speak or sing alternately overspread and the means of the cover that wear a mouth are incorrect, cannot rise to prevent action not only so, return can undesirable to skin generation stimulation and allergic reaction.

Disappear assist the branch reminds, buy guaze mask to should choose to accord with the guaze mask of national mandatory standard, the number of plies of guaze mask answer not less than 12, feel softness, Bao Houjun divide evenly, level off and without degree of tightness of damaged, suture measurable. Next, bag mount is due manufactory name, product name, brand, norms. One-time guaze mask returns a requirement: In the product bag mount indicates the wholesome standard order that execute, and manufacturing date and expiration period (period of efficacy) , or manufacturing lot number and demarcate use date. Disinfect form product to still answer to be made clear on consumer package " alexipharmic class " model of written characters, and alexipharmic date and period of efficacy, or alexipharmic lot number and demarcate use date.

According to introducing, wear the guaze mask of heavy panel for a long time, can make nose mucous membrane becomes flimsy, lost rhinal original physiology function, may cause other disease instead. Had worn thin guaze mask, can reduce filter the bacteria in air, contamination and the action that defend wet, heat preservation. The citizen notices guaze mask two sides cannot be used alternately even, meet otherwise will outer the soil that taint is in direct and clingy facial when inspiratory human body, and become infect a source. Additional, when guaze mask is not being worn, should of bazoo of will clingy mouth face li of fold, inside the recipient that puts cleanness, avoid by all means fills in casually in entrance bag or be hanging on the neck. The guaze mask that has worn is best and daily wash, complete below sunlight air is basked in.