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Institute of Jiangxi traditional Chinese medical science: 46 class exam is layer
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On December 16, doctor of hospital of people of Guangxi rich white county is being pressed down to Feng Shan 2 in student of be in hospital undertakes checking.

Feng Shan presses down Guangxi rich white county 2 in appeared a few days ago armour hepatitis information about and appraisal of an epidemic, arrive to share 112 students to suffer infection at present, among them diagnose patient 21. Current and all patient already be in hospital keeps apart cure, epidemic situation gets be controllinged effectively. Liu Anming of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed (data picture)

Xinhua net Nanchang on December 23 report (Huang Hexun of reporter Hu Jinwu) disinfection waits to both hands, earphone before entering examination room, the teacher extends examination paper wore special glove, after answering question card is handed in sealed disinfection... to institute of Jiangxi traditional Chinese medical science many 7000 examinee comes say, university English of 23 days 4, 6 class take an exam " extraordinary " . And before this, this school already discovered 81 people affect armour liver in succession.

Xiao Honghao of section chief of Dean's office of institute of Jiangxi traditional Chinese medical science says, be in to prevent armour liver epidemic situation 4, during 6 class English takes an exam, diffuse further, the formulate below the guidance that the school saves a disease to control a center in Jiangxi rigid alexipharmic scheme. Case of this one party includes: Exam things is bought centrally by the school entirely; 198 to checking a place examination room before taking an examination of are disinfected in the round; When examinee enters examination room, arrive show emplacement uses the iodic bend over of 2% and the alcohol of 75% to wait to both hands, earphone, radio early or late undertake alexipharmic; Invigilate teacher extends special glove must be worn when examination paper; After the exam ends, all answering question card will be united sealed disinfection.

"Get stuck to bring about the computer to be read by accident in the damage in disinfecting a process to avoid answering question, made cobalt at first fumigation of annulus oxygen ethane and 60 radiative disinfection, ultraviolet ray disinfection choose plan 3 kinds fully. " Zhang Yue of director of center of control of Jiangxi province disease says, disinfect plan via checking to already eliminated ultraviolet ray at present, will choose the safest program finally to block disinfection to answering question, diffuse with what block judges armour liver epidemic situation way.

Rose on December 17, institute of Jiangxi traditional Chinese medical science a few students appear in succession anorexia, lack of power wait for a symptom, classics diagnose is armour liver. Up to now already the armour liver patient of diagnose has 81, its high school student 77, 4 are teacher and staff member.
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