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Slipper is worn to need what to notice in the life
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Some people wear loafer for a long time in the home, this pair is healthy and adverse. Because slipper is flat bottom, smooth more,follow, the attitude of changeable human body and centre of gravity, the allocation that creates sufficient ministry bear not all. Old people, especially the senile woman with fat body, wear slipper for a long time to be able to feel fatigue, still can make cave in of sufficient an old unit of length for measuring land.

Accordingly, be in the home to should wear the common cloth shoe that have gradient slipper or takes heel of shoe or sock, the height that suits most is 2.5 centimeters.

In the home additionally particular attention is not mixed wear loafer, accomplish one person as far as possible a pair. Mix wearing loafer is the main reason that catchs crural ministry skin disease, if weather is torrid, the bacterium travels more easily. As we have learned, in a lot of families not be according to every member a pair of slipper are deployed, be in especially in the home when guest person, give a pair of slipper to wear to the guest casually, this also is the thing of be accustomed to sth, the family is mixed wear slipper easy transmission to include blister model, dip canker change with scale bits horn model wait for sufficient tinea.

The person is in socialization, wait for a way easily to be infected to go up through washing bath, sufficient cure sufficient tinea; Return the home in, pass the basin that wash a foot, slipper possibly still, mix wash the dress to infect sufficient tinea to other, mix especially when wearing loafer, infectious opportunity is the greatest.

Accordingly, concerned personage warns broad citizen: The slipper in the home should have number, accomplish an individual special, be in especially the summer, clean disinfection regularly to slipper even. When person of the guest in the home, need not change a shoe, can hand a shoe covers the guest, cover the shoe rise, such doing, right advocate guest both sides has profit.