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Closestool encircles a bacterium to become clean focal point
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Closestool, people wants to use everyday, but a bit not advertent, it becomes the source of the disease possibly also.

General of benefit of humble of new York university? Dr. Tai Ernuo points out, if develop lid of the closestool when water to open, the instantaneous cyclone inside closestool is highest and OK reach bacteria or microbial area in 6 meters tall sky, and suspension is as long as a few hours in air, fall on wall and article then. In major now family, use the toilet, wash gargle, shower to undertake in toilet, cup of tooth brush, gargle, towel with closestool coexist one room, be polluted naturally very easily by the bacterium. Accordingly, the convention that bucket of mount a horse covers should be covered when nurturance pours water.

Closestool encircles a bacterium to want key cleanness more

Communal and wholesome institute Professor Yu Qingfu points out Fudan University, investigate discovery, there is dysenteric bacili on the closestool of 32 % , among them a kind the name is " inside the Song Dynasty " the time that dysenteric bacili survives on closestool circle is as long as 17 days; Another test report also points out, throw virus of 100 million poliomyelitises closestool inside, splash the virus to housing washer to have 3000 unexpectedly. In the meantime, many person winters like to cover a flannelette gasket on closestool, such easier adsorption, stop excrete contaminant, pestiferous possibility is larger.

The local just with so serious pollution and people cutaneous are contacted most " close " , because this wants to undertake cleanness mainly, every other applies attenuant family expenses 9 days to disinfect fluid to wipe.

The gasket that makes as to cloth had better not be used, if must be used, answer to often clean disinfection. If conditional, might as well change to have the function that fight bacterium and prevent those who splash a design implement.

The dirty content inside closestool is cleaned in time

Closestool taints the soil such as uric be soiled, excrement and urine easily, if discovery still stays,have sign to water hind, must brush in time with closestool cleared and clean, form yellow spot besmirch easily otherwise, also can cause mould and bacterium. Besides the canal near the mouth, the predestined relationship inside closestool gives the side outside water mouth place and base is the place that shelter evil people and practices, when cleaning, start closestool group first, use gush of clean lavatory agent to drench in-house, after several minutes, reoccupy closestool brushs complete scrub, had better use the brush of fine head, such can better in the predestined relationship inside clean closestool and conduit mouth.
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