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Alexipharmic tableware enclothes whole town food is at ease this year the projec
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Occupy 71 % of whole town without county of base of produce of social effects of pollution

Report from our correspondent (the reporter bears a surname) food is at ease project hour affects citizen heart. Yesterday, the reporter learns from concerned conference, food is at ease this year the project lets a person more be at ease. End at present, the our city solved tableware basically to disinfect this to superintend difficult problem; 4 class produce quality of whole town install all inspection to measure a network to had been formed; Without production of produce of social effects of pollution demonstrative base county also increased.

   Alexipharmic tableware already enclothed more than 4000

Tableware disinfection is urban sanitation superintendency difficult problem all the time, but at present the our city solves this one difficult problem already basically.

As we have learned, the bowl of alexipharmic ground rice of the our city and suit disinfection tableware already enclothed many 4000 now, enclothed whole town basically big medium or small meal inn. Current, dosage of our city day achieves bowl of alexipharmic ground rice 200 thousand, suit disinfects tableware 40 thousand, can say, no matter be citizen or tourist of China and foreign countries, the alexipharmic tableware to Guilin more was at ease.

   4 class produce pledges check network is formed

Produce quality safety is monitored, it is to superintend a branch to be in from the key that food safety guards a pass on fountainhead.

17 counties of our city (area) produce quality safety detects the center is built entirely and already began the work normally, add the quality of produce of 61 country level that begins the work normally already safe flow detects workstation and 15 markets detect room, whole town " city - county (area) - countryside (town) - the market " safety of quality of 4 class produce detects the network has been formed.

In addition, always invest nearly 20 million yuan, the quality inspection of Guilin city produce that floor area amounts to 6222 square metre detects central building also is about to throw use. At the appointed time, the project that produce quality detects, content will increase, to ensure produce quality safety will produce bigger effect henceforth.

   Occupy 71 % of whole town without county of base of produce of social effects of pollution

This year, the our city produces demonstrative base county to occupy the 71 % of area of whole town county without produce of social effects of pollution, increase 12 % than last year.
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