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Destroy rat
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On medicine, destroy rat is to point to eliminate can serve as infect a source (host of cause of disease) rodent. Rodent is large quantities of one person cultivate not only in all the contagion of sicken source, and to the mankind the life brings a harm, cause very big pecuniary loss to agriculture, forestry, stock raising and irrigation works.

Destroy rat method can divide kind: ① machinery destroys rat law; ② chemistry destroys rat law; ③ biology destroys rat law.

One, machinery destroys rat law

Machinery destroys rat law includes: Law of law of appliance mouse, dibble, water fill hole and turn over haystack law.

Appliance mouse is the method that folk circulates, commonly used now clip, iron plate clip, segment of a circle is placed and board catchs squirrel cage to wait for mousetrap. The advantage of mousetrap is use safety, rat cadaver keeps clear of easily, apply to cannot use rodenticide, toxic mouse kind cause the place with smelly cadaver at the corner that keeps clear of hard to death, and the room that needs mouse to do epidemiology to investigate. Destroy to make rat result is favorable, should carry the following condition: ① breaks off rat grain; ② bait must suit rat to plant feeding habits; Of ③ mousetrap cause device to need delicacy; ④ is in rat kind often mobile place cloth is put, and at rat kind the put away before mobile height; ⑤ mousetrap keeps clean, without effluvial.

Dibble law: Comfortable at catching burrow construction is compared simple or the wild rat of live in caves, wait like ground squirrel, hamster.

Water fill law: Comfortable at burrow simple, hole path is down solidder and take water the mousehole of convenient location.

Turn over haystack law: Apply to serve as provisionality with haystack or seasonal the rat that hides a place kind, if autumn centers Yu Tianhe bundle rat of medium black line female singer, winter is centered in haystack or the small house mouse in grain battlements.

2, chemistry destroys rat law

Chemistry destroys rat law is large-scale destroy in rat most economic method. Safety should notice when using, prevent to produce person, domestic animal toxic accident. Chemistry destroys rat can be divided for poison bait law and mephitis law.

(one) poison bait law

1. Commonly used the alvine path that destroys rat medicine is used at present destroys rat medicine has acute and chronic rodenticide two kinds. Need to take drug only but of be successful call acute rodenticide, or quick result medicine. Need in succession a few days to take medical effect to just weigh chronic rodenticide significantly, or delay effect medicine, former and multi-purpose outside Yu Ye, latter and multi-purpose within residential area.
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