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Expert proposal: Use old mat to want fixed disinfection to insolate
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Summertime dermatosis is most is bug bites dermatitis, and bug bites dermatitis great majority is caused by mite bug. The old mat in the home is the good place that creates mite bug. To this, expert proposal, use old mat to want fixed disinfection 

to insolate, in order to eliminate among them bacteria.    

      Director Xie Weimin says surgical department of hospital of Fujian Province dermatosis, adhere of the meeting on the old mat in the home a lot of skin fat, scurfy, dirt, become the good place that creates mite bug, in because before old mat 

is being used, this is mixed,be being used, want to be ironed with boiled water regularly, insolate next, undertake disinfection, antiseptic. Because skin of a few people is sensitive, do not use the sparge agent that mite bug eliminates on the 

market as far as possible so, iron with boiled water however. 

      Additional, the expert suggests to use the bamboo seat with close-grained fiber, do not use straw mat. Because of mite bug most be afraid of dry environment, if environmental humidity is less than 15 % , it cannot breed further, and the 

fiber of straw mat is loose, suck tide easily, and aperture is very much, bug giving mite left existent space, the likelihood causes bug to bite dermatitis. 

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