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Special interview Tsinghua is taught
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Olympic forest park, the axes in the city of Beijing city and natural landscape be in harmony are an organic whole. The winding water system of dragon form, the axes along the city is northerly dish lie. Below sunshine, argent wave light is as Yin Long's scute between green mountain forest Yi Yi is unripe brightness.

Well-known, compared with a lot of international metropolitan, beijing is a city that lacks water. Precipitation is in in major while of a year in the environment with little, dry climate. Be in the area that natural resources of such a water short, build a so massive artificial water system, from where does fountainhead come? And through what the method makes itself OK does and through what the method makes itself OK movement rise?

When Beijing Olympic Games is held, the reporter visited science of Tsinghua university environment and engineering department to teach Hu Hong battalion. The design that purifies a system from water quality of water system of Olympic forest park, movement detects to water quality wait for relevant job, he was participated in. "For managing water natural resources, reflect the concept of green Olympic Games and Olympic Games of science and technology, olympic forest park advocate lake and water system is main related its serve as compensatory fountainhead with the water of high quality second birth of clear river and works of water of boreal brook second birth." Hu Hong battalion says.

Landscape of second birth water is used need to be on guard health and zoology risk

Water of alleged second birth, namely after sewage classics deepness is handled, reach target of certain water quality, satisfy some kind of use requirement, can have the water that uses benignantly.

To solve problem of shortage of natural resources of our country water, current, second birth water has begun to be used at irrigating gradually, landscape uses water (water system supply) , strong lavatory, car is rinsed, the blame such as fire control and industrial cooling water is direct and drinkable way. But, ordinary common people still is one's heart still fluttering with fear to second birth water, after all second birth water is different from tap water.

Hu Hong battalion expresses: "Have ill Yuan Weisheng without the urban foul water of processing other people is kind much, amount is large, chemical contaminant is phyletic complex, concentration is high and water quality, water measures change to wait for a characteristic greatly, how to optimize the sewage retexture craft, water quality security that enhances water of second birth of contaminant purify efficiency, safeguard, became the core that sewage second birth uses and crucial issue."

Medium contaminant can divide second birth water to be mixed for chemical contaminant cause of disease is microbial two kinds big. Accordingly, the landscape inside the park exists with the second birth water of water two kinds of potential risks: It is cause of disease microbial the healthy risk that pose, 2 it is the eutrophication He Shuihua that NP causes eruptive risk, namely zoology risk.
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