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The expert suggests seismic disaster area is used
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Chinese environment science learns vice-president Liu Yu Ji to express to the reporter today, what move learns to find a place for in Qing Chuan is close 1000 Gao Sanxue is born to already was used " vacuum toilet " , solved use the toilet a problem difficultly for a time. 

Liu Yu Ji introduces, already had many expert proposal, sichuan earthquake disaster area should be popularized as soon as possible use this kind of free from contamination " toilet of shift of environmental protection energy-saving vacuum " , wait for face source pollution in order to prevent to happen with bacteria of control disaster area, phosphor.

As we have learned, as a result of system of disaster area sewage epicenter sufferred destroy, the face source pollution such as person cultivate excrement and urine will become epidemic prevention difficult problem. Expert appeal, should foster cordial relations between states the toilet with the rapiddest rate, fixed disinfection, avoid pestiferous.

The Liu Yu Ji that already counted a day in survey of seismic disaster area tells a reporter, feasibility condition nots allow hopeful, many simple and easy toilets that disaster area builds still are put in many hidden trouble, do not wait for a problem thoroughly like dirty, smelly, disinfection, pollute an environment easily. "Some of place suffers what calamity people uses at first is to dig fight, solve with the means such as polybag use the toilet a problem, such excrement and urine are very unmanageable. " Liu Yu Ji says.

It is in big earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, the school building that Qingchuanzhong learns is crossed by shake, place favour has a few teachers and students to get hurt only. Local government is very fast this school more than 800 Gao Sanxue lay move to stricken be hit by a natural adversity and opposite lighter wide yuan of city, build a tent school resume classes, prepare for war the university entrance exam of delay. Introduce according to this school chief, at first teachers and students is used the toilet very disadvantageous, because facilities of processing of excrement and urine of simple and easy toilet is finite, use do not have a few days smelly dirty, a lot of students aux would rather the indoor toilet that already became a dangerous house near goes to the lavatory.

"Vacuum toilet " solved teachers and students thoroughly use the toilet difficult problem. Liu Yu Ji says, "Toilet of shift of environmental protection energy-saving vacuum " be similar to the toilet that uses on the plane, the negative pressure principle that the department uses vacuum to arise inducts excrement and urine and peculiar smell groovy canister in, erode every time water consumption needs one cannikin only, whole system is completely airtight, do not expose at air, do not contact soil, without peculiar smell, need not disinfect, but from go up at all solve the face source pollution such as excrement and urine of cultivate of disaster area person, also can reduce bacteria air transmission, and section water is energy-saving.
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