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If why is dead dog dead cat handled
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[author: Strong found a state article origin: Site of government affairs of region of sea suddenly bay hits number: 281]
As people living standard rise, the person that raises pet is increasing. But had subsequently new " difficult problem " -- should manage like where after pet is dead. "The pet dog of our home accompanies an old person several years, unripe recently die in one's bed, family is very sad, but cannot find proper place to bury it, do not know to be like where to manage to its body really." Recently, citizen Mr Jiang is this matter very pained.    

Citizen cropland lady also is told, the kitten of own home " mew " fall ill dead a few days ago, raised 3 years many, family is very sentient to it. The family decides finally will " mew " bury below a downstair pagoda tree. But the reporter is interviewed in discovery, the citizen of funeral affairs of pet of so attentive like cropland lady arrange is not much, a lot of citizens are final lost.

Ms. Yang tells environmental sanitation worker the reporter, as the person that raises pet increasing, they are clearing when dustbin, via regular meeting discovery has the body of kitten, doggie. "Body summer allows easy decay, clear in the winter very laborious also, the place that if have,handles dead dog dead cat technically is good. And such chaos discards, too uncivilized also!" Ms. Yang says.

Should pet body manage like where after all? City disease accuses section chief of tall of division of central epidemic prevention to introduce, discarding pet body at will is unallowed, best can undertake harmless change processing. After be being handled through disinfection to pet body namely, undertake be fillinged scientificly burying, if bury reachs rice or 1.5 darker places of subterranean, want at least 30 meters to be apart from well, spring, river at the same time beyond. After go to the bad of a few pet is dead, create virus easily, produce the harmful bacteria such as helminth, cause menace to the environment, pollute source of water easily especially, because cremation of this pet body is a better idea. Because the our city has not begin pet body to cremate business, accordingly, tall section chief thinks, after disinfecting processing to pet body at present, fill again scientificly bury should saying is a more feasible method. (Strong found a state)