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The bacterium below freezer low temperature also can grow
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        According to the investigation of wholesome to domestic freezer state, the wholesome problem of interior of average household freezer is very at present serious. Among them, percent of pass of gross of bacterium of freezer freezer compartment is 14.29 % , coliform group percent of pass 73.21 % , and safe bacterium gross almost unqualified. Take seriously adequately what the wholesome state of freezer ought to cause consumer. 

The bacterium below microtherm also can grow

What certain amount contains in general provision is microbial, the fundamental that freezer saves food is the microbial breed that causes food decay through reducing temperature to restrain. So, freezer can prolong the storage life of food relatively only and be not suspend microbial activity absolutely. Grow what cause the major bacterium with addle food aptly temperature is controlled for 37 ℃ , the temperature of freezer safe is inferior, general under 10 ℃ , microbial below this temperature grow slow, but time grows, food or meeting are addle. There still is one part bacterium to be cold bacterium of be addicted to in nature. They still can grow in 4 ℃ left and right sides progenitive, be like colonitis of Lisite bacterium, small intestine Ye ear dark bacterium, belong to pathogenic bacteria. If edible the food of this kind of microbial pollution, bring about enteritis likely.