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The expert suggests science uses disappear venom
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Center of control of precaution of Shaanxi province disease organized an expert to check precaution in each district recently " SARS " the discovery when epidemic situation, a lot of basic units are existing in disinfecting the job a few problems, especially the quality of key place disinfection of industry of a few keys assures hard. Shaanxi saves epidemic expert Zhao to Lin Jian is discussed, departmental door must use each unit correct and scientificly alexipharmic fluid, in order to because disappear venom is used,avoid undeserved and cause an environment to pollute, what endanger people even is healthy.    

In April since the last ten-day of a month, each district is in precaution " SARS " when epidemic situation, the disinfection that increased each segment generally works, but use as a result of disappear venom non-standard, existing generally to abuse a phenomenon, some units disinfect air with 84 fluid, some local disappear venom use chroma to slant big, provide pH indicator more than 4 to 5 times, taller even; Some units already caused inflammation of people collective mucous membrane, occurrence respiratory tract spurs the secondary action such as the symptom.

Zhao has standing forest analyse to say, causing the cause that disappear venom abuses generally basically is disinfection the method is incorrect, disinfect personnel to groom without passing, cannot make up disappear venom correctly, cannot use spray correctly, atomizer pressure is insufficient, pulverization result is bad, nozzle is down, spray to the ground, cannot realize air to sterilize effect; In the meantime, alexipharmic frequency is not quite scientific, make disinfect a space to stay have dead space. Consequently, bring about disappear venom to use undeserved, or cannot achieve alexipharmic result, or the waste that creates resource, influence environment, and those who endanger people is healthy, produce severe undesirable reaction even.

Zhao Youlin suggests, disease control orgnaization should strengthen counterpoise to nod the disinfection of the industry to coach, undertake grooming to disinfecting personnel, make they can use disappear venom correctly, master surface of pair of air, object to wait those who differ is preventive alexipharmic method; What the airport awaits the larger space such as waiting room of engine office, station is public, should use gas collosol atomizer to undertake air is disinfected, when atomizer, the height that sparge canal wants to exceed a person and on nozzle face, itinerate disinfection; Should strict comply with concerns the provision of disappear venom scope of application, chroma, method, alexipharmic frequency should decide according to circumstance of stream of people, everyday not less than 3, ensure precaution is controlled " SARS " the quality that disinfects the job.
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