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Shanghai discovers the problem disinfects ark
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The reporter visited bazaar, supermarket and home appliance to sell respectively, had on-the-spot seek by inquiry to disinfecting ark. The reporter did not discover in investigation Beijing field sells the alexipharmic ark of reject card. In the meantime, the reporter checked the alexipharmic ark of a few brands, the sign that discovers them and specification are more all ready, and all installed apply the brake lock up switch, prevent ozone to divulge, assured the health of the person that use thereby. Additional, the power input specification that disinfects ark and ground connection step are very clear.

The reporter interviewed a few consumer randomly, they all express and did not hear of Shanghai fish the news of ark of 8 kinds of unqualified disinfection. Consumer Miss Li introduces to the reporter, oneself had used alexipharmic ark several years, buying alexipharmic ark at that time basically is for the health of family, alexipharmic ark had the wholesome, effect that prevents infection just about. Although there are 5 people only in the home, but Miss Li expresses him or meet every week wait for the bowl chopsticks in the home, towel undertake large-scale disinfection.

The reporter discovers in investigation, the alexipharmic ark that Beijing field sells basically is famous old brand, for instance China emperor, Shuai Kang, square too wait. At present the alexipharmic ark cent of Beijing field is embedded with table two kinds, with embedded be in the majority. The price is controlled in 2000 yuan commonly. The disinfects ark top level that common alexipharmic ark is national regulation mostly -- 2 stars class, is general metropolis in is each brand apparent locally does mark have " ? 觹 ? 觹 " mark. Additional, ark of a lot of disinfection uses ozone and ultraviolet ray commonly double disinfection, make disinfection more complete. In-house bowl wears the capable person that employs stainless steel to pledge, avoid to rust. And common alexipharmic ark basically uses intelligent control, have disinfection, drying, last wait for a variety of functions. The bowl of most disinfection ark wears bottom to still deserve to have drip tray, in can making the water inside the bowl all flow into drip tray, prevent to put the water when the bowl to the ground.

[the expert suggests] buy alexipharmic ark to choose normal market

Chinese electric home appliancesXu Dongsheng of association deputy secretary-general tells a reporter, like alexipharmic ark this kind of product is in southern demand is bigger, and resemble Beijing the demand of such northern city is lesser. The brand of this kind of product that sells in Beijing so is older brand, resemble 10 thousand and, Kang Bao. The quality of these brands is to have quite assure.
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