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Spring flu sends precaution high is a key
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The winter goes spring come, weather turns warm, everythings on earth anabiosises. Be worth all sorts of pathogeny right now microbial grow easily breed and cause trouble during. The climate of together with early spring is changeful, changes in temperature not is measured, every time abate or human body resistance is right when outside ambient adaptability owes difference, incidental grippe (abbreviation flu) . 

Concerned expert points out, cope with flu to still do not have specific content at present, the Western medicine of disease-resistant poison and the precaution that convection of a few Chinese herbal medicine feels and inchoate cure have certain effect, if have need, should be in next the doctor is directive use. Because combat curative effect of feeling of virus medicine convection commonly not beautiful, reason precaution excels cure, it is important that this reachs old person blame to be to cheeper. Precautionary measures basically has the following sides:

Answer to often begin athletic sports, the resistance with enhancing oneself and promotional the adaptability to environment.

Appropriate of the bedroom after getting up opens a window to change fresh air fully. The office after going to work also should notice indoor airiness. Because flu basically carries transmission of respiratory tract of classics of air flying foam, alexipharmic expert points out, ventilated it is best disinfection. Additional, should avoid to smoke indoors, in order to withhold a pure and fresh space.

Reduce large assembly activity, what do not appear and disappear to get together in crowd collect is public affect an opportunity in order to decrease. Person much congested is public need to notice to aerate especially like the circumstance such as the bus, as far as possible need not air conditioning.

Notice air temperature changes and dress of increase and decrease, dai Kou is advocated to overspread when going out, avoid chill of diseases caused by external factors. Seasonable cure is easy the disease that causes flu, be like helminth of hidebound, anaemic, bowel the disease such as disease in case double infection.

Can use board of Chinese traditional medicine simmer in water of water of each 15 grams takes Lan Gen, the rhizome of cyrtomium, Daqingxie, honeysuckle (take 3-5 day repeatedly, children dosage halve) , have favorable precautionary effect.

Flu vaccine result is right also now, can make people is in precautionary flu respect is more active. Original to resistance poorer old person, children, the patient that still those have disease of chronic heart lung, chronic nephritis, diabetic, of all kinds tumor and all sorts of immunity functions are low person, had better be before flu season advent vaccination, be ready for any eventuality.
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