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Green environmental protection disinfects: Ping of Zhu of ㄒ of cure of fraud
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Sponsor by our newspaper " greenEnvironmental protectionDisinfection -- communal and wholesome epidemic prevention ensures an informal discussion " hold in mechanism of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on January 29 afternoon. Jiang Zunjun of deputy secretary-general of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Bianjin is smooth, AttendHave an informal discussion. 

In recent years the use volume of our country disinfectant rises continuously, and the majority is chemical disinfectant. Chemical disinfectant although property is stable, but also have apparent weakness: Bright of  of  of cracking kang  loves  of neon ┯ boundless and indistinct to admire  of  of chaste tree of Piao of drop of  of ⑺ of few make a present of to break Fei of pain or numbness caused by cold of the cough that hand in と to show search to show an ancient nationality in China from FeiProfessionHarm, be able to bear or endure medical bacterium and its varietal indulge in wilful persecution spread, already became the new difficult problem of global medicine domain, the chroma standard of of all kinds disinfectant is being raised ceaselessly. Take its seriously more when choosing disinfectant as a result of people antisepticThe effectWith stability, and the harm that ignored pair of environments and alexipharmic personnel health.