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〔 expert suggests 〕 soap washs his hands, give computer frequently disinfectio
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Although office bacteria is such horrible, but also be not the action that did not answer. Student of American Arizona college points out, the bacterium that use disinfectant copes with the office is a good place, nevertheless the bacterium often needs to contact period of time to just can die with disinfectant, do not disrelish a trouble so, extend alexipharmic time, increase alexipharmic frequency is advisability to lift.    

Suffer bacterial enroach on to make he is avoided, must use soap handle frequently to be cleaned thoroughly -- enclothe seam with fingernail between the palm, the back of hand, finger -- it is the good method that kills major bacterium. Common soap is very effective, do not need to use the soap that fight bacterium.

In the meantime, the bacterium does not like hot water, drink hot water more so, multi-purpose perhaps hot water immerses your buccal cup, it is to avoid a bacterium " enter from the mouth " unique skill.