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Common contagion is specific the application that disinfects a method
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Have physical method, chemical method reachs biology method, but biology method uses pathogen of biology factor purify, action is slow, and sterilization is not complete, need not disinfect at infecting ground of epidemic disease source commonly, reason disinfection basically uses physics and chemical method. 

(one) physics disinfects a law

1. Mechanical disinfection

Apply soap scrub commonly, running water is strong clean, can eliminate the majority on the hand all even bacterium, use multilayer guaze mask can prevent pathogen from respiratory tract eduction or invade. Filter of applied drafting apparatus can make surgery, lab reachs the air that keeps apart ward, protect asepsis position.

2. Heating power disinfection

Include steam of baked wheaten cake, boil, flow, high fever steam, dry hot sterilization to wait. Can make pathogen albumen caky and metamorphic, lose normal metabolization function.

(1) baked wheaten cake

The contaminant with every economy little value, metallic appliance and body all can use this method. Handy economy, effect is stable.

(2) boil

Be able to bear or endure the article that boil and general metal appliance all use this method, 1 ~ of 100 ℃ finishs disinfection 2 minutes namely, but bud afterbirth is needed longer. Afterbirth of anthrax bacili bud needs boil 30 minutes, tetanic bud afterbirth needs 3 hours, afterbirth of bud of fleshy poisonous bacili needs 6 hours. Metallic appliance is disinfected, add 2% sodium carbonate of 1 ~ or the alkalescent agent such as 0.5% soft soap, can dissolve adipose, enhance antiseptic power. Cotton fabric adds 1% suds 15l/kg, have the effect that sterilizes decontamination. When article boil is disinfected, cannot exceed cubage 3/4, should dip falls at surface. Notice interspace, with benefit convection.

(3) disinfection of steam of going from place to place

Relative humidity 80 ~ 100% , temperature is close 100 ℃ , use vapor to be condensed in surface of thing what kind, give off heat energy, exterminate pathogen. Generate negative pressure when steam agglomeration systole when, promote outer hot steam enters complement, wear to article in, quicken quantity of heat, stimulative disinfection.

(4) high-pressured steam sterilization

Normally pressure is 98.066kPa, temperature 126 ℃ of 121 ~ , 15 ~ can exterminate bacterial bud afterbirth 20 minutes thoroughly namely, apply to heat-resisting, wet article.

(5) sterilization fighting heat

Air fighting heat conducts difference, thermal capacity is small, penetration is weak, object be heated is slower. Need 160 ~ 170 ℃ , 1 ~ sterilization of 2 hours of ability. Apply to the terrarium that cannot take water share, metallic appliance. The heat of different pathogen is able to bear or endure get power, in order to heat up dead time expression.
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