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You use water machine was disinfected
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Recently, the tall gentleman of some unit encountered a such irritated worry: Drink water to always feel flavour is a bit strange in the office of late, hold the barrel when him water from very long water without what clean the discovery when the debus on machine comes, water the core inside machine bestrewed large cinnamon scale and dirt retention, still discover the wreckage of cockroach even. Nowadays, the bucket installs water to had walked into the everyday life of common people, water is what machine disinfection problem causes a citizen enough take seriously? The reporter visited partial citizen, unit and shopkeeper of bucket outfit water recently. 

Citizen: Clean issue is too small regular meeting oversight

"Clean water itself is very clean, water is machine clean also? ! " " my home was not cleaned regularly water the habit of machine. " this is the reporter hears maximum sentence in covering a process.

The reporter tells in Mr Zhang that some company goes to work south Mei Chengjiang, of the company water machine never ask a person to had cleaned the machine core inside, because at ordinary times everybody works busier, add, safeguard water machine, bring about water machine interior disinfects cleanness such " bagatelle " by oversight. The citizen in deal of pond of Jiang Beidong door plum also have in aunt home water machine, but water machine from buy use had not cleaned machine core up to now.

Think to water with the citizen machine is clean " the issue is too small " view photograph is compared, the industry service office such as bank, communication is paid attention to very much water the alexipharmic cleanness of machine works. Miss Yang that works according to hall serving in some communication industry introduces, because everyday can many client comes round to serve hall to conduct business, in expecting conduction business process they can provide free boiled water for the client, to assure to water sanitation is mixed of the client healthy, serve hall water the machine requirement according to ranking company is managed by the aunt of responsible cleanness, undertake swabbing to the crust of machine of pilot a ship into a harbour everyday, every month cleans machine core at least.

Expert: Water machine every months of cleanness advisable

Look in many citizen eyes, water the clean disinfection of machine is a bagatelle, but often be such bagatelle also can give the life to bring needless trouble. The reporter understands from division of emergency call of hospital of plum county people, not long ago, ever had a citizen a grown-ups and children begs examine to the hospital together, the symptom is abdomen is fond of diarrhoea, the judgement after the doctor enquires understanding is drinkable epinosic water causes a disease, and of their home water machine also be to comparative to did not undertake for long alexipharmic cleaning. The reporter is in when large hospital is interviewed, Mei Cheng understands each, close paragraph of time because weather lasts high temperature is burning hot, many citizen covet are convenient and direct drinkable water the unboiled water on machine, because water quality is not wholesome,cause disease of intestines and stomach easily.
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