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Prevent accuse an expert to say to contain chloric disappear venom to be able to
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Recently, the parent's sick to brothers mouth hair sick condition cares very much, the healthy advisory hot line that city disease dominates a center (0571, 85164408) still hot, how does because of the person different undertake precautionary effectively? With what disappear venom better? Hangzhou city disease accuses Xie Li of assistant director of institute of central contagion prevention and cure to refer to this answer. 

Ask: The child 2 years old half, must remand by train native place, how is brothers mouth disease prevented on the road?

Answer: The train is a shift is public, precaution can be emphasized in do not have a thing in disorder, adjacent sits give the food that come to be able to be politelied decline; Window of railroad car door wants time open, maintain airiness; Do not let the child and other child play wait, do not make the child random feel the article all round. If the child has the doubtful symptom of brothers mouth disease, want to be contacted with guard.

Ask: Disease of precautionary brothers mouth disinfects fluid with what, had better go which are bought?

Answer: Want chloric disappear venom to be able to be used only, among them chloric can exterminate enteroviruses EV71 effectively to wait. If use health liquid, bleaching powder (match appropriate proportional liquid by the manual) etc. These disappear venom can are opposite the object surface such as the child's toy, desk, chair undertakes wiping alexipharmic. Alcohol did not sterilize effect to enteroviruses. Contain the wholesome things store with chloric disappear general venom to be able to be bought. City disease controls a center (Wu Lin road 277) set wholesome things to supply a store, the person that need can be headed for.

Ask: Baby-sitter is Anhui mounds in relief person, visit his family to come back immediately, the child 5 months are big, how to prevent?

Answer: If the baby-sitter in the home is the latterest,from brothers mouth disease epidemic situation erupts of the ground, the child that take care of is 5 years old the following, for safe for the purpose of, had better change baby-sitter.

Ask: The towel in the child-care centre is to mix use, am I very afraid infect?

Answer: Young hold an orgnaization in the palm to ought to offer one person to child of put one's child in a boarding nursery an appropriative washs gargle things. If wash gargle things to mix,use, be opposite not only disease of precautionary brothers mouth is adverse, also be adverse to the precaution of other respiratory tract or alvine path contagion. Discover such problem, but to child-care centre to table a proposal, can supervise sectional report to inform against to local sanitation.

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