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The expert suggests secondhand the room should be disinfected first
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As secondhand house business warms up gradually, reveal a many problems from which, expert proposal, the citizen is being entered secondhand before the room, had better disinfect thoroughly to undertaking inside the room, lest catch,go up disease. (Xinhua net) 

This year April, provincial capital Mr Zhao bought one part in one village secondhand room, for save trouble, after his appreciably is decorated, moved directly, giddy bosom appeared to wait for a symptom frowzily after period of time unexpectedly, "At the beginning I think is the reason that decorate, but go to a hospital checking ability discovery, bacterium of nucleus of finish of original lung infection " . Mr Zhao says, be in later of the doctor remind below, there is disinfection before he just realizes the likelihood is to enter a room, was caught by former resident ill.

The reporter controls a center to understand from precaution of Jinan city disease today, place of hand of the wall that is in a room, ceiling, ground, doorknob may be stained with bacteria and the virus such as second liver, these bacterias and virus some can survive old, after forming gemma like tetanic bacili, can not die several years, it is n/med tuberculosis bacili is in dry phlegmy in, also can survive of half an year long. Although there is contagion person in former resident, also cannot eliminate to may have healthy carrier. The person go to the bad that these bacterias and virus can make probably be entered newly, the individual health condition of the house-owner before not be clear about commonly because of new house-owner, so the proposal is bought secondhand room person complete, complete disinfection had better undertake to the house before be entered.

Disease accuses staff member proposal of the center, be opposite secondhand when the room undertakes alexipharmic, the household utensils of phlegmy to may remaining fluid, ground, closet, can allocate chroma to wait for chemical disinfectant to disinfect for the carbonic acid of 5% for the alcohol of 75% and chroma, metope can be the lysol aqueous solution of 3% with chroma, or it is with chroma 1% , the bleaching powder of 3% clarifies fluid, or for the acid of second crossing oxygen of 3% with chroma solution sprays, after spraying, need to close door window. Additional, use the suffocating that feed vinegar to also can achieve certain alexipharmic result. The staff member returns a proposal, entering before leasing the building that come, also had better disinfect.