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Of alcohol of family expenses disinfection make up
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Alcohol is a kind of commonly used disinfectant in the family, because great majority disinfects the alexipharmic effect of medicaments and chroma to concern, exorbitant had mixed low all cannot rise to sterilize the effect, alcohol solution just has antiseptic effect when chroma is 70-80% only. Making up the disappear venom such as alcohol correctly so is a quite serious problem, here makes up a few kinds of methods of alcohol to reader introduction:

1.Use formulary C1V1=C2V2Computation.

2.: Former fluid chroma, V1: Former liquid is accumulated, C2: Be about to make up chroma, V2Be about to make up bulk

Exemple: If be about to make up 75% alcohol 500 milliliter, need 95% alcohol how many milliliter?

Solution: C1=95% , C2=75% , V2=500 generation enters formula, get V1= C2·V2/ C1=394.7

Reason the alcohol of 95% 394.7 milliliter add water to 500 milliliter to become the alcohol of 75% namely.