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Small paper towel " is disinfection antiseptic " ?
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Small paper towel, be become by conduct propaganda however " disinfection is antiseptic " . 7 days, sanitation of wholesome hall of province, city supervises place to combine the alexipharmic product such as the toilet paper that to the urban district a few bazaar, drugstore sells, sanitary towel to undertake checking discovering, many paper towel are in " flicker " consumer. 
The label label that sanitary towel, sanitation protects the product such as pants of make water of mat, paper, wet towel, napkin, face tissues accords with concerned requirement mostly, but also discover manual of some products label is unqualified. The family honor card that if Guangdong arranges limited company of electric equipment of honor of heart city family,produces disinfects ark (ZTP78-E) nameplate did not mark company of alexipharmic product production is wholesome license number.
The label of many bumf is unqualified. For instance, beautiful Lin Sheng of couplet of Wei lane constant uses what limited company produces paper alive " kite " the card grows a bumf mark to have without core " superhigh temperature disinfection is antiseptic " model of written characters, tai'an city rich yuan finite liability company produces paper industry " overflow of 10 2 of shadow of green jade Xia Piao installs toilet-roll " label " superhigh temperature and ultraviolet ray are double and antiseptic " model of written characters, belong to exaggerated conduct propaganda, misdirect consumer. Plant of products of paper of health peaceful of Wei lane city produces " clean bud " card toilet paper is a label more invalid and wholesome licence date, be asked to remove ark at once by wholesome superintendent.
According to introducing, sanitary towel (paper) , the product such as wet towel prohibits publicizing disinfection, sterilization, stop urticant, fight the action such as phlogistic, diminish inflammation, consumer do not replace medicines and chemical reagents to treat a disease with alexipharmic product. Consumer do not replace medicines and chemical reagents to treat a disease with alexipharmic product..