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The summer how the peculiar smell of clean towel?
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Family expenses towel is cleaned repeatedly sometimes, still can send out a peculiar flavor, still can harden, become sticky, water imbibition also can become poor, how should do at this moment?
Director Zhao Guoying says division of health care of hospital of Beijing century altar, because the calcium of the dissociate in water, magnesian ion and soap are united in wedlock,towel hardens basically is, generate calcic magnesian black to adhere to the exterior be caused by in towel. Send to prevent towel hard, besides often clean besides, ought to put towel in buck boiler to boil quarter (general 1.5 kilograms of water add 30 grams soda ash can, the attention wants towel in all immerge buck) , after boiling, take out towel and rinse clean thoroughly with clear water.
Towel face is fat become sticky, because towel surface adhered to,be many content of secrete of divide into equal parts of sweat fluid, tear. When the towel with clean satiny surface, besides the method that can use above, in still can putting towel in thick brine, be boiled or scald.
The natural condition that the bacterium breeds the most easily is high temperature tall wet, because this towel wants,often keep dry. But the toilet of a lot of families does not have a window now, ventilated condition is poorer, want to maintain the cleanness of towel so, should clean with soap everyday, hang below the sun next insolation or in ventilated place air. Still should put towel in brine to be boiled every week. Disinfection of microwave of the reoccupy after soaking towel with water also is a very effective antiseptic method.
In addition teach everybody a small doohickey that prevents towel to cause a bacterium again: Immerse half hours with white vinegar first, the swing of a horn that taking towel next is worn the circle is swung a little while, the little coil that gets on towel is swung, next air reoccupy, at this moment towel feels meeting sense very loose.
The term of service with regular towel is 2 ~ commonly 3 months, if you are hated to part with,throw away, can use the towel that fall into disuse circularly, for instance the will old towel that wash a face is used brush a foot, the will old towel that wash a foot is used brush the ground, threw the towel that brushs the ground, a such towel can use on a few months, economy substantial.