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Food disinfection bewares 4 errors
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Error one: Have the food of bad taste, want to boil only, can eat. This kind of understanding is wrong, because some bacteria can be high temperature resistant, can destroy human body central nervous for instance " fleshy poisonous bacili " , its bacterium gemma is in 100 Celsius

Error 2: The bacterium is afraid of salt, so bacon, kipper need not disinfect. This kind of understanding is incorrect also. Because can make of agnail of person intestines and stomach " salmonella " , the flesh that can containing saline quantity to be as high as 10 % to 15 % kind in live several months, only useful boiling water boils 30 minutes of ability to kill its entirely. So, when edible souse food, also do not treat sth lightly, need disinfects ability travel strictly.

Error 3: Freezing food does not have a bacterium. Quantitative countless of the bacterium, differ in thousands ways, have high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure of high concentration salinity, also have live technically below microtherm, progenitive bacterium. Can bring about a person to produce bacterium of serious diarrhoea, dehydrated salt of be addicted to for instance, can live inside the protein of 0 20 Celsius 11 Zhou Zhijiu. So, edible is freezing when food, also cannot carelessness, should thoroughly cook stew the travel that show ability.

Error 4: Food should pass boil only, can disinfect antiseptic. This kind of view was opposite only half. Bromatoxism can be divided for biology model with chemistry model two kinds big, biology toxic and main it is to point to bacterium, virus, microbial wait for contaminative food, for example the mould in corrupt food, this kind of food can be boiled with high temperature evaporate undertake alexipharmic, although stay,a few toxin also won't cause serious harm. But chemistry toxic, high temperature processing can not avoid, sometimes boil can make toxin chroma increases instead, for instance, rot poisonous nitrite arises in Chinese cabbage, the person ate to be able to produce serious toxic phenomenon. In addition, sprout and crudely the Long Kui in potato is alkaline wait, all cannot achieve alexipharmic goal through high temperature.

Complier notes: Cannot disinfect with high temperature actually to the dish of edible of a few raw or cold food, the proposal uses special disinfectant, can consult Http://www.baixiaojing.com/products.asp