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Bumf cannot be become to darling diaper
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A few mothers replace diaper to give a new life with bumf mat buttock, think to be able to be absolved already so repeatedly the trouble of rinse diaper, prevent the infection of the bacteria again. Actually, this is very inappropriate.

Because so far, people place uses it is purpose bumf with all sorts of health care, cure, no matter make technology how careful, cannot keep clear of completely the caustic soda of the remaining in paper (the basic material such as NaOH) , also cannot the chemical material with the oxidation different level such as the bleacher in complete eliminate paper. These material although concentration is not high, won't produce apparent poisonous side effect commonly to growing up, but the Chu Shengying with thin to the skin, tender flesh for, corrode or stimulated action to cannot be ignored.

See green more good eye

Nature the color of all sorts of objects, it is discrepant to radial absorption and reflection level. Be like red to be reflexed to the light is 67% , yellow is reflexed 65% , green is reflexed 47% , cyan is reflexed only 36% .

Red and yellow are stronger to radial reflectance, produce the feeling of dazzling easily. Green and cyan compare moderate to smooth absorption and catoptric degree, do not have harmful exciting response to the retina in neurological, pallium of the person and eye.

The tree of cyan, green and brushwood can absorb the ultraviolet radiation with harmful eyeball of the cross-eye in strong light not only, return the dazzling rate of the generation that can reduce eyeball of intense light cross-eye, make nervous eye alleviates appropriately.

Accordingly, make the child much see green tree, meadow and crop, cross-eye eyeball has profit greatly.