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The choice of summertime curtain and maintain
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The option of summerly scuttle shade is very important, be in the room of exposed to the sun, wait like room of study, children, bathroom, the 100 leaves sign with can choose a few heat insolation, property that lie between light better, roll shade, not only deft and good-looking, and can will block sultrily outside the window.

Like individual character you, the means that can taste try out to overlap two gauze expect makes another kind of different sense. Inside oneself favorite room, colour gorgeous contain figure do ground floor, a few poorer pure quality does superstratum, rock-bottom decorative pattern will be fully faint dew comes out, still can differ according to house inside and outside radial action, produce different result, very beautiful. In was full of Chinese form culture already " desire language return be ashamed " feeling, have the confuses unreal color with particular curtain of a kind of gauze again, cause piece hard different region amorous feelings of Yan Yu. Most propbably lives in such room, sure meeting adds a lot of emotional appeal and daydream... and such gauze curtain is mixed according to quality of pattern different, go to on 1000 yuan from 100 yuan one meter differs.

Summerly scuttle shade notices to maintain

Maintain to the curtain, also need to notice very much in the summer. Bask in as a result of summerly the sky and the sun longer, because this part quality of a material is compared " delicate " curtain, produce the situation such as local decolour very easily. Accordingly, advocate lie reach the French window share inside the sitting room, choose the shading layer with good quality certainly, again tie-in favorite curtain.

Because the curtain has the fixed kind such as link up with, slippery course at present, a lot of families forget to clean its fetch normally, dirt of such very easy conceal, bury next hidden trouble for health. Accordingly, to a few thin model the curtain of quality of a material of gauze, cloth, proposal two half months take Zhou Huo to be cleaned. And inconvenience is dry velvet wait for thick makings, suggest to should use cleaner to inhale exterior dust every week, half an year should send cleaners or major cloth art sell clean.