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7 when summer family disinfects simple methods
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  1, boil disinfects a lawApply to tableware of toy of the cotton mercery such as towel, certain children to wait. Boil can make bacterial protein caky and metamorphic, need 15 ~ 20 minutes commonly can, at the same time boiling water surface must have overflowed boils article. This law goes to the lavatory namely safe. 2. Rinse immerse alexipharmic law often should use water of going from place to place and soap to wash one's hands, be in especially anteprandial, hind, after the contact pollutes article. To unwell can use acid of 0.5 second crossing oxygen to immerse at the article of high temperature boil 0.5 ~ 1 hour, or with fluid of the Qing Dynasty on 5% bleaching powder (after bleaching powder precipitates, the clear water above) immerse 30 ~ 60 minutes, usable also contain effect chloric 500 milligram / the wash agent that rise immerses 5 ~ 10 minutes, the clear water after be being taken out is strong clean. Article is disinfected to answer when immersing complete by immersion. Can use chemistry fabric of a few chemical fibber, silks and satins to immerse only alexipharmic law.

   3. feeds vinegar to disinfect a lawA variety of part such as acetic acid are contained in feeding vinegar, have certain antiseptic capacity, indoor air disinfects usable writer front courtyard. Make an appointment with the room that 10 square metre control, can use feed vinegar 150 grams of 100 ~ , add water double, slow fire slow steam is used 30 minutes inside the bowl that put porcelain,

   4. bleaching powder disinfects a law Bleaching powder can make inside bacterial body enzymatic lose active, make its die. Desk, chair, bed, ground, can use 1% ~ clear liquid wipes disinfection on the bleaching powder of 3% .

   5. sunlight disinfects a lawSunlight contains ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, 3 ~ can achieve illuminate 6 hours to disinfect a requirement commonly. Bedding, dress can put below sunshine to insolate.

   Law of 6. air cleannessIndoor air should keep pure and fresh, but often ventilated take a breath, open a window every time 10 ~ 30 minutes, can reduce indoor bacterium concentration.

   7. drug disinfects a law Through immersing, clean, spray wait for means to keep clear of exterminate pathogen microbial. Drug disinfection has antiseptic and complete, rate fast, use convenient wait for a characteristic, it is one of the most commonly used disinfection methods in domesticity. See in detail100 disappear only family uses disinfectant

Want to make the family disinfects the result that achieves ideal, still need watchful control to disinfect the chroma of drug and time requirement, because all sorts of pathogen are right alexipharmic method resistance is different, want a foundation particular case is reasonable choose, just can achieve alexipharmic result.