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Preventing a bacteria to invade clothings is crucial
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As rapid development of the society, people comes in and go out often communal circumstance, public place of entertainment, life rhythm is faster and faster, range is wider and wider also, the opportunity that is affected by the bacterium thereby is increasing also. A large number of data make clear, contact things of frequent life, work and public facilities with the person, like the dress, furniture, toy, sleep, doorknob hand, phone be polluted very easily by the bacterium, and the important intermediary that contaminative article often becomes a few contagion, the odds of imbue disease increases greatly, these become people to browbeat healthily potentially. Accordingly, prevent infection, improve the life quality of people, make good articles for daily use fight bacterium crucial. And among them food is clean, bedroom sanitation, clothings fights bacterium cleanness is the key that prevents a bacteria to invade more.

Sweat of human body excretive, adipose and scurfy wait for material to touch add on fabric, via be being decomposed microbially, generation stink, the likelihood causes skin infection, still can destroy fabric fiber. In daily life, people uses catharsis method to undertake cleanness to clothings commonly, think to be mixed with common washing powder wash clothes fluid washs the dress clean went, this is an error of clothings catharsis respect, what little imagine washs is adherent merely the besmirch of oily be soiled in clothings surface, and conceal in the bacterial virus of more deep-seated face to remain however. The bacteria on most clothings is in common temperature limits (20 ℃ - 60 ℃ ) inside catharsis still but surrive, those look clean and clean fabric to may be polluted badly by the bacterium actually.

From 2003 SARS begins people to had realized the product that fight bacterium the importance in daily life, all sorts of products that remove bacterium of bacterium, antiseptic, curb, disinfection emerge in endlessly, piscine a list of things is jumbly. The product that passes authoritative orgnaization attestation is more very few. In addition, people is fighting the understanding of bacterium, catharsis and disinfection to go up to also be put in very big error.

Do not be equal to the epidemic prevention that fight bacterium except bacterium above all, the > that fight bacterium eliminates bacterium. The bacterium that uses the catharsis product dispel that eliminates bacterium is provisionality, and the great majority that dispel drops is run-of-mill bacterium, and a lot of harmful bacterias are very difficult however dispel. Connect clear water to be able to eliminate bacterium, so you can imagine the product that eliminate bacterium is very finite to the dispel of the bacteria.

Disinfect adverse health blindly next, people the enroach on to prevent infection, classics regular meeting uses alexipharmic product in great quantities, a few citizens think the chroma of disinfectant jumps over Gao Yue to be sure, this is a kind of misunderstanding. Certain in disinfecting a process material causes undesirable effect to healthy likelihood. Chinese disease precaution controls central expert warning to say: Product of many use disinfection will cause huge harm to human body and environment.
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