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Pollution of the air inside the car lifts along with air temperature twice incre
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Opening a car to feel dizziness is air pollution be caused by actually

From Hangzhou east stand aside lives to the Jiang village business of Wen Yixi road area, also control with respect to 10 kilometers. But, with respect to this short 10 kilometers way, miss Zhang that lets live in Xi Yuan of the Milky way feels afflictive: Inside many minutes 10 after opening a car to come down everyday, her head always is a little dizzy, although passed a few minutes, can regain consciousness come over, but every day such, miss Zhang husband still thinks she is unripe defect.

To hospital inspection, because the air inside the car is too foul,consider as be caused by. These days the air temperature of Hangzhou is climbed successively litre, airtight car window is playing air conditioning to drive Miss Zhang, although have the way that 10 kilometers control only, but however already enough makes contaminant sufficient produce effect.

Qian Hua of assistant director of institute of air of academy of Shanghai environment science, senior engineer considers to discover, as environmental temperature lift and the fall of humidity, the molecular games of benzene, formaldehyde and volatile organic matter is quickened automatically, contaminant volatilizes naturally to compare at ordinary times faster.

Open door to smell strange flavour states the pollution inside the car is very fierce

Issued a class to sit to be below the sun insolate the love car after a day, people often can smell a thick strange flavour. This blames flavour, alluding the pollution inside the car actually very serious.

National authority is indoor air detects the orgnaization ever undertook detecting discovering to more than 200 new car, if consult,indoor empty temperament measures a level, the car of 90% is put in pollution of the air inside the car, some even formaldehyde exceeds mark to be in 56 times above. The expert expresses, the space inside car vehicle has 2-3 stere only commonly, harmful gas volatilizes not easily, the harmful gas such as the carbon dioxide of eduction of together with human body, lie for long in foul air, cause dizziness extremely easily, have a headache, disgusting. Be in especially day of summertime high temperature, the car issues insolate one hour in sunshine above, contaminant increases with respect to meeting twice.

With purify of science and technology contaminative city wall bulletin is things of your collect health

Meet the way that the air inside the car pollutes, prevailing is many window when driving ventilated, make harmful gas natural send out, open air conditioning less as far as possible. Dan Yanyan summer, can accomplish this all living things, how many to have again? Fortunately, the science and technology that develop, always can give people a few remedy a method idly, in inn of Shi Xiang of Hangzhou of bay heart Ba Kesi, day inn of first-class automobile articles for use, city wall bulletin is your collect the things inside car of a batch of summer.
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