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Boiled water irons a bowl to be inferior to eating garlic
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Weather is at present torrid, the much hair that is alvine path disease is seasonal, many people go out repast can do some of preparation to work ahead of schedule.
Boiled water very hot bowl is belonged to " psychology is comforted "

Method one: Iron a bowl with boiled water. Guangzhou person has a meal to cafeteria, the habit is in anteprandial with boiled water very hot bowl comes antiseptic. But China

Disease accuses Liu Xiuyan of researcher of central environment place to express: "Such doing can get psychology to comfort only. Iron a bowl with boiled water, effect time is too short, can kill few number only microbial, can not kill all pathogenic bacteria. " the sex that cause disease is coliform organisms, salmonella, choleraic vibrio should pass action of 100 ℃ high temperature commonly 1 ~ 3 minutes or 80 ℃ heat 10 minutes to just die.

Method 2: Drink buccal alcohol. Is bit of alcohol drunk when eating food of raw or cold food can antiseptic? Actually, the antiseptic action of liquor depends on its chroma and osculatory time. Even if liquor of tall pH indicator, after entering enteron and food, moisture to mix, also can drop because of chroma and short of is antiseptic requirement. Additional, liquor is to kill not dead helminth of egg.

Method 3: Wipe bowl chopsticks with vinegar or liquor. Actually vinegar can control the bacterium with sensitive to acid part only, but if chroma is insufficient or osculatory time is too short, with respect to short of antiseptic purpose. In addition, the alcohol degree that is used at disinfection on medicine is 75 degrees (75% ) , and the alcohol content of average white spirit is in 56 degrees the following, sterilize effect not beautiful.

Garlic is antiseptic get the expert is approbated

Method 4: Eat garlic raw. The antiseptic action of garlic got the accord of many expert is approbated. "Garlic element is contained in garlic, have stronger antiseptic capacity, the bacillus, grape coccus, dysenteric bacili, choleraic to pylorus helix vibrio, sex that cause disease coliform organisms all have exterminate or inhibition. " nevertheless, garlic has certain stimulation to gastric ministry and eye, cannot excessive is unripe feed, had better not exceed 1 ~ everyday 2.