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Fight bacterium product: The client feels accordingly
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Substantival explanation

(according to Ministry of Public Health " alexipharmic technology standard " 2002 edition)

Fight bacterium: Favour of bell of Liao of the pump that throw orangutan is planted the index bacterium that this  of expostulate with of T of otter of  of grave of our car of し of  of Pu Fu  circles scull? fights bacterium product to exterminate 90% above in formulary time internal energy, can think this product has antiseptic function, wait for a product to just can undertake antiseptic rate detects to disinfectant commonly.

Curb bacterium: Kind product of bacterium of curb of? of v/LIT all over the ground scull of  of annals of show off of T of otter of  of grave of our car of し of  of Pu Fu  is in those who stipulate time internal energy controls bacterium of 90% above index to grow progenitive, just say to go up this product has stronger curb bacterium function.

Sterilization: ッ of  of Dong of box Qian pump is irrigated masting is Sha of  of ⑸ of bursa sulphur form

Note: From the point of medical angle, fight bacterium to include to restrain bacterium and exterminate a bacterium.

Compere bring out the theme

Allege now " fight bacterium, curb bacterium, sterilization " product without number of the function, consumer stems from the consideration such as wholesome, safety, of generation follow suit phenomenal give no cause for more criticism. The key depends on, of relative standard be short of break make this wind was become implicit, became the notional hype of manufacturer time and again thereby. The brigadier of the mark that fight bacterium of spin product came on stage on August 1, we are expecting other industry to publish relative standard at an early date.

Compere: Liu Jie

Wall paint: Effect relies on enterprise self-discipline

Considering the health of family, lacquer of nearly 300 yuan of when Ms. Li that moved new residence in January 2005 chose to have the function that fight bacterium designedly a pail metope establishing state. Ms. Li says, the metope lacquer that has the effect that fight bacterium in those days in the market special fire. This year in June, ms. Li already lived one year in new home half, the metope in the home up to now bright and clean still be like new, but the effect fighting bacterium to wall paint, ms. Li expresses and do not have extraordinary sense.

On July 11 afternoon, the reporter will to provincial capital grow a when treat a road to go up large home to hold a supermarket, on the most product outer packing in wall paint bar mark has fight bacterium mouldproof function. A sales promotion member introduce, because the quality of a material of wall paint is good,the product can fight bacterium basically is, exquisite, smooth, mould adheres to not easily go up in metope, reduced a bacterium to cause thereby. The metope lacquer that a pail of aggrandizement fights bacterium function than common wall Qi Yaogui is controlled 100 yuan.
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