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How to choose paper towel paper correctly
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Paper towel paper is people a kind of indispensable wholesome and clean things in daily life, the country pledges check total bureau warns customer, the following should notice when product of towel of paper of choose and buy.
Above all, want to select large company, well-known trademark or the product that carry attestation of ISO9002 quality system. The nation that the product of these enterprises passes for many times is supervised selective examination, product quality is stable, reliable, although its product value is potential relatively a bit more expensive, but when using, can assure wholesome, comfortable.

The 2nd, the product should look to pack when consumer choose and buy. Date of the executive level that the product includes mount to should make clear the title that produces a business, address, phone and product, birth, period of efficacy. Had better buy the product that the near future produces.

The 3rd, best choice uses the product that pure wood pulp produces. The product that pure wood pulp produces can be in commonly the bag mount of the product is made clear, the product is general whiteness grain of good, crape is exquisite, feel feel is good, do not drop wool, wet intensity it may not be a bad idea. Make the product that raw material produces with waste paper edge, waste paper, product quality is in commonly medium, cheap limits, generally speaking intensity is inferior, drop wool easily, drop pink, some seeing that water comes loose, summer is used when brushing sweat, paper wool is stuck easily on the face.

The 4th, towel paper is not paper to had been jumped over in vain more. Some production company tastes whiteness to raise high yield, excessive adds fluorescent brightening gent, this kind of product does not accord with a standard, consumer had better not be bought. Consumer can use check paper money implement examine whether does paper towel paper add fluorescent brightening gent, if fluorescent brightening gent was added in the product, the bank note that use test implement examine from time to tome fluorescent reaction.