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Household disinfects a law
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Family health is the good luck of housewife. So present housewife pays attention to the cleanness of domestic interior to disinfect the job more and more. Nevertheless, the movement of a few daily disinfection of housewife is not particular however standard, the proposal that views an expert together then --

  Fruit vegetables

Common people practice: Buy the fruit vegetables that does not have bruise, insect pest as far as possible

Doctor proposal: Put fruit vegetables in boiled water to immerse 1 minute

Should buy as far as possible without bruise, the fruit vegetables of insect pest, otherwise bacterial chairman is gotten faster. Any fruit vegetables should be cleaned seriously, although some fruits have thick peel to lapping, also want so do. Because be when your department manage, the bacterium on peel may pollute pulp. If of fruit vegetables cortical very hard, you should prepare Wen Shui and brush when clean. Of course, you should be cleaned seriously with the appliance that will handle fruit vegetables. Cutting tool and chopping block should use the bleacher of certain amount to immerse a few minutes after use, let its nature airing next. Additional, you also can put fruit vegetables in boiled water to immerse 1 minute, flat perhaps in the scald in boiled water, what this can reduce fruit vegetables surface further is microbial.

Clew: Cleaning avoid to use soap when fruit vegetables is cortical, because clean it completely very hard clean, increase the chance of bacterial adsorption instead.

   Cooking utensils

Common people practice: Will disinfect kitchenware with boiled water

Doctor proposal: Use the water with higher temperature, is not boiled water will disinfect kitchenware

Wood (bamboo) cut chopping board to cause a bacterium the most easily character, the Chongzhongzhi that is kitchen disinfection is heavy, how should you do? We can be disinfected with disinfectant cut chopping board, you should add the water that can not cut chopping board too as far as possible to the middle of cistern. Attention, what you need here is the Wen Shui with higher temperature, is not boiled water, because the temperature of water is met too high,reduce the alexipharmic effectiveness of bleacher. Wear a hand to cover a disinfectant agitate even, will cut chopping board to put pool, maintain 5 ~ 10 minutes, midway attention will cut chopping board to break up one below, the cold water with clean reoccupy is rinsed can. Later, do not use cloth to wipe, let cut airing of chopping board nature however. The basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle of the kitchen, the 100 clean cloth that includes to brush a bowl to use also can use same methodological disinfection.
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