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Freezer sanitation notices 3 " often "
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To ensure family of every member healthy, use freezer should notice to often be adopted the following 3 wholesome measure.

One, often clear the leftover inside box. Put inside the freezer safe of every family have ort leftover, this makes the article inside freezer strings together flavour easily on one hand; Besides, safe is not asepsis room, ort leftover gets very easily of all sorts of bacteria erode. Accordingly, the ort leftover inside freezer should as soon as possible edible, the ten million before edible should heat.

2, often the peculiar smell inside purify freezer. Freezer use time grows to was not accomplished again too clear in time, can appear unpleasant peculiar smell, as a result of,this is of all sorts of article inside freezer mix outfit those who cause. Food should be accomplished as far as possible along with buy along with eat, the goods store time inside freezer does not grow too. Food store time is too long, what affect provision already is delicious easy generation peculiar smell. Once appear peculiar smell, should stop machine is complete to undertaking inside box clean. Put a small charcoal into freezer inside, can reduce the generation of peculiar smell; Outfit of orange skin, will citric section, scented tea is in gauze bag, put into freezer inside, or will feed vinegar, yellow rice or millet wine, saleratus to wait put inside freezer, can differ the peculiar smell inside freezer of level land eliminate.

3, often undertake alcohol is disinfected. On the sealing strip of freezer door microbial amount to ten kinds, existence of this a bit biologic, bring about human body very easily the happening of all sorts of diseases. The Gan Buqing that should pass via dip of commonly used alcohol is washed wipe sealing strip, the effect is optimal.