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The clean and disinfects method of feeder
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  Of feeder clean a method

  Wash feeder

After feeding a grandma, pour leftover grandma fluid first.

Rinse feeder with water, enter clear lotion, brush an each corners to be cleaned clean with feeder.

When cleaning, should notice bottleneck and helix are in particularly, cannot leak.

   Wash nipple

Turn over nipple first, brush with nipple clean carefully. The place that stands by nipple aperture is thinner, want to take care not to let its split

When washing, want to notice to clean the grandma dirty in nipple aperture, make sure the aperture giving a milk on nipple maintains unobstructed.

After washing feeder, reoccupy water is rinsed clean.

If ※ has grandma be soiled to condense on nipple, use hot water bubble first a little while, reoccupy nipple is brushed after molten of be soiled waiting for a grandma brush.


Had better clean feeder immediately after darling drinks a milk, if lie between ability a little while to wash, the grease of the grandma can remain on bottle, feeder can become sticky difficult Qing Dynasty of be bored with, also meet it seems that on body of mist mist.

   The alexipharmic method of feeder

Cleanness is over feeder, should undertake alexipharmic again, in order to assure wholesome, safety. General, the alexipharmic means cent of feeder is boil law and vapour type two kinds.

   Boil type is disinfected

1, the skillet that prepares a stainless steel, replete cold water, the deepness of water should enclothe a grandma completely to provide. Attention: Bowl must be alexipharmic feeder appropriative, had better not mix other cook alimental is mixed in the home with.

2, after taking nipple and feeder top, put feeding bottle bowl, boil. Attention: Plastic feeder had better be put into the water of boil, vitreous feeding bottle can be put in the water that does not have boil 3, the 5 ~ after water is burned are put 10 minutes into nipple, cap to wait again, lid of the boiler on the lid boils 3 ~ 5 minutes to involve fire again. Plastic feeder is unfavorable burn too long, after so water boils, put into nipple to wait to boil 3 ~ 5 minutes again immediately can

4, after water became cool, with feeder clip takes out nipple, cap to wait, put on clean household utensils to buckle air, place in ventilated, clean place, the gauze on the lid or cap)

  Steam type is disinfected

There is boiler of a lot of dynamoelectric steams on market at present, mom can choose according to his demand. Alexipharmic square law wants comply with manual to operate went. Those who need an attention is, before use steam boiler is disinfected, want first the article such as lid of feeder, nipple, feeder is thoroughly clean.

   Disinfectant disinfection
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