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Disinfect to the toy regularly very be necessary
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The toy is the child the indispensable good associate in daily life, but a toy ground often likes when darling amuse oneself, such, the toy gets very easily the pollution of bacterium, virus and helminth, become pestiferous " accomplice " . Liao Weifang tells a reporter, the child is when amuse oneself, not so much exquisite, just often lose the thing on the ground to be able to be put into the mouth in an instant. If carelessly the toy is wholesome, probable menace arrives the child's health, and the value that most parent has not realized to the toy is disinfected.

The doctor is directive: "The toy wants to often be disinfected, disinfectant according to 1: The scale add water of 100, with disinfection water is swabbed to the toy or immerse directly, reoccupy clear water is rinsed later, next air is OK. Next air is OK..

Use why to plant methodological disinfection, want to read the material of the toy, usually, fur, cotton cloth unfavorable the toy that clean, can put in the insolate below sunlight a few hours; Ligneous, plastic with balata toy, can use catharsis of alexipharmic leach bubble, rinse with water next, insolation.