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The medical fluid of vegetable seed disinfects a method
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A lot of disease of vegetable crop spread through the seed, accordingly, with medical fluid processing seed can eliminate a seed exterior with content of in-house cause of disease, the bacteria in preventing soil is invaded catch, use drug industry of convenient, province, have distinct effect to disease of prevention and cure. Introduce a few kinds of commonly used seminal medicine juice now processing technique:

1. formalin seed soaking: With 100 ~ 300 times fluid formalin seed soaking 15 ~ 30 minutes, scoop up to after be being rinsed clean in clear water, sow. Suit the seed such as cucumber, aubergine, watermelon, bean, can prevent and cure melon kind Hei Xing is disease of blight, anthrax, ill, corrupt of aubergine cyanosis, continous is ill, bean anthrax is ill.

Clever seed soaking of 2. much bacterium: With spirit of 50% much bacterium but wet sex powder Chinese cabbage of dip of 500 times fluid, tomato, melon kind seed, 1 ~ the fish out after 2 hours, clear water is abluent, vernalization sows, can prevent and cure shading is disease of Chinese cabbage blaze, ill, tomato early epidemic disease, late epidemic disease, melon kind anthrax disease, powdery mildew.

3. phosphoric acid 3 natrium seed soaking: After immersing the seed 4 hours with clear water, again dip at 10% phosphoric acid in 3 natrium solution, 20 ~ the fish out after 30 minutes, clear water is abluent, vernalization sows, can prevent and cure virus of tomato, chili is ill.

Seed soaking of ammonium of 4. Dai Sen: With 50% Dai Sen ammonium but wet sex powder 200 ~ Chinese cabbage of dip of 300 times fluid, melon kind, bean seed 20 ~ 30 minutes, clear bath sows completely after fish out, melon of prevention and cure kind downy mildew, anthrax is ill, bean anthrax is ill, shading is disease of Chinese cabbage blaze, ill.

5. armour holds seed soaking in the palm: With 50% methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm but wet sex powder 500 ~ seed soaking of 600 times fluid 1 hour, take out, seed soaking of reoccupy clear water 2 ~ 3 hours, after sufficient air is basked in, sow, can prevent establish withered disease, downy mildew to wait for fungus sex disease.

6. is agricultural streptomycin seed soaking: With 72% agricultural streptomycin dissolubility powder 300 ~ seed soaking of 500 times fluid 2 ~ 3 hours, fish out is abluent, vernalization sows, disease of sex of bacterium of vegetable of prevention and cure and anthrax disease, can early epidemic disease, late epidemic disease.

7. salt seed soaking: With salt 10 ~ seed soaking of 30 times fluid 30 minutes, qing Dynasty sows after water is abluent, can prevent and cure melon kind bacterial sex disease.

With medical fluid processing seed should notice the following: The drug that ① seed soaking uses must be solution or emulsion, cannot use suspension liquid. Chroma of ② medicine fluid and seed soaking time want to master strictly, affect medical effect otherwise or produce medicine to kill. Dosage of ③ medicine fluid crosses a seed with dip 5 ~ 10 centimeters advisable, it is the 2 times above that the seed measures commonly. The medical fluid that dip plants too can continue to be used for many times, but should complement ceaselessly reductive medicine fluid.
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